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“Prevention is better than cure.” Heard of it but never understood how or why? This is where we and prototyping come in with all our preventive weapons to ensure that only the best of your product reaches the market. One of the most significant yet often skipped step in the process of website design, prototyping is the act of creating starter versions of your website or app to simulate the user experience of what will eventually be the final product. Think of it as creating a mock-up or a demo of a concept and what your final product would look like early in the design lifecycle. A few rounds of testing and countless hours of effort spent in the product development phase are all a part of the prototyping process. Resolving issues before the final launch and improving interactivity defines how well the prototyping procedure has been carried out. Let’s just say, anyone would be a fool to skip this process to save a little time or money because effort spent here is inconvenience avoided later.

Prototypes come in different forms and different levels of detail

    • Rapid- In this type of prototyping, pieces of the computer design for your website or app are assembled quickly with an interactive approach using a combination of mockup tools.
    • Sacrificial- This is a prototype concept which allows us to create a sample to gather insight into the useful and non-useful parts of the design and ultimately decide what will work the best.

    • Exploratory or low-fidelity- An exploratory and slightly less accurate prototype is created to check for alternative designs and possibilities. These are fast and cheap and mostly designed to improve product functionality.

    • Wireframe- A layout based prototyping system, wireframe prototypes are built to concentrate on website evaluation and design iterations.

    • Developmental or high-fidelity- A very similar and resembling prototype design with various levels of details which allows us to examine user interaction in a comprehensive manner and evaluate its functionality.

Our Process

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Requirement Gathering

As a rule of thumb, we first try to understand the product, its attributes and characteristics, its functions and purpose and most importantly what our clients require and expect from us


Designing UI

To ensure that the prototype has a proper functioning and interactive user experience, we first design and lay out a user interface with a focus on maximizing usability


Evaluation & Refinement

After a basic prototype sample is ready, its evaluation and refinement is in order, to understand what ultimately works and how to better it



In this phase of the prototyping process, various iterations are carried out to successfully create the closest and most functional prototype design for your product

Web Prototyping with SM Global

As a highly regarded web prototyping agency in Mumbai and in India, our quality prototype packaging enables our clients to cost-effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their proposed packaging, both, in terms of functionality and market research analysis.

At SM Global, we quickly mock-up your idea for prototype packaging for a client-ready presentation. Throughout the prototyping process, our clients communicate directly with our designers to maintain clear communication for their model design. We apply our expert knowledge to functional prototypes, consumer products and many more and also help you get over your apprehensions towards any activity in this process. Here, you will find the right combination of highly skilled professionals and experienced individuals which makes SM Global a perfect & ideal choice for your web prototyping needs.

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We believe in growing with our clients

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths. We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from

(a) start-up mentality,

(b) clearly defined objectives,

(c) project management,

(d) data and analytics, 

(e) creative traction channel exploitation.

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