Web Maintenance Services

Regardless of the industry or the size of the company, a website maintenance plan is the key to the ongoing success of a website and our web maintenance services are the one to beat. A website needs to keep evolving to hold its place in the world of digital marketing and in order to draw audiences and convince them to stay, maintain presence on search engines, and provide regular information about products and services to the public; every company requires quality web maintenance services.
Our team of talented developers sits for one of the top web maintenance services in India i.e. us and brings many years of experience to the table. We understand our clients’ website management needs and work with them to develop & maintain their company’s websites. With us, our clients can choose from our various website maintenance packages as part of our website maintenance services and get exactly what they need and expect. There are absolutely no restrictions on ideas and website maintenance plans as 100% of our work is done in-house. Our highly experienced, talented and flexible team works in a pragmatic and result oriented manner to achieve the desired results. We work as one team with our clients in an iterative design and development process and try to create digital experiences that people love.

Why SM Global Website Maintenance Services ?

  • Quick and immediate updates on the website maintenance tasks.
  • Regular website checkup to examine and scan functionality and overall performance of the website.

  • Detection and elimination of all viruses and browser incompatibility signs and keeping the website bug free.

  • Checking whether the website is effortlessly operational on the server or not.

  • We archive website data on a monthly basis to avoid loss of information and material.

  • We present a monthly record on website traffic.

  • Our web maintenance services include addition, alteration and up gradation of website content.

  • We can run an on demand backup for website content at any given point during our website maintenance services.

  • Our website maintenance plans also include updating of the content management system core that handles the creation and modification of digital content & plug-ins to add customized features to the website.

  • We continuously monitor the website to ensure that all forms are functioning seamlessly and enquiry mails are being received without a glitch.

  • Our systematic inspections check for any broken or dead links on the website as we fix them right away.

  • Our efficient website maintenance services help discover 404 errors in time and rectifies the problem immediately by both identifying the issue and deploying probable solutions or by redirecting to a working URL.

  • For any problems or queries, regular support and help is made available to our clients.

  • In addition to keeping a website functioning like a well-oiled machine, we also provide suggestions & consultations on a website’s design aspects and its overall working and performance.

Key Benefits of Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Quality website management helps to draw newer audiences to your website and maintain the interest levels of existing customers

Website Maintenance

A well maintained website enhances and boosts a company’s corporate and brand image

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance also assures a better user experience every time a bug or an issue is fixed

Search engine optimization

Search engines have more chances of finding and recommending a website if it is accurate and up-to-date

cost effective

Website management is cost effective in a way that fixing small issues regularly can be time and pocket friendly than waiting for the website to become completely weak and having to fix the entire thing

safety and security of the website

It, most importantly, helps keep the safety and security of the website and its users in check

Our Work

We believe in growing with our clients

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths. We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from

(a) start-up mentality,

(b) clearly defined objectives,

(c) project management,

(d) data and analytics, 

(e) creative traction channel exploitation.

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