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“Double or triple your App revenue. Try Mobile Application Porting Services”

Double your app revenue. Hire our Mobile Application Porting Services. An ingenious way of make an existing app adaptable for and usable on other platforms and hardware environments; app porting is a remarkable technique of avoiding the inconvenient process of rewriting codes and building that app from the ground up. Let’s say you are a proud owner of an iPhone app and after a course of time, you realize that a significant number of your customer base could be developed among android application users too. After which, you decide to expand your mobile application to that platform and port an ios app to Android in an expeditious manner to target that audience. In situations like these, app porting is like a blessing in disguise. Mobile application porting will, not only help you circumvent a whole lot of repetitive work but can also prove highly cost-efficient, thus, effectively increasing your ROI in a short period of time.

Now, if you’re going to employ app porting services, why not hire the best mobile application porting service in Mumbai i.e. SM Global Solutions. Packed with an incredibly talented and qualified group of individuals, SM Global Solutions’ mobile application porting team has a combined experience of over 10 years with more than ten applications. Our app porting services assure fast and efficient work with phenomenal results. If you have already built your website and need iPhone and Android Apps for it, our team can leverage cross-platform technologies to build iPhone and Android mobile apps to complement your mobile website.

App Porting with SM Global

Speaking as one of the most reliable app porting service providers in Mumbai, we understand your demands and requirements for mobile application porting. We acknowledge your ideas to improve the market share of your business by employing your app in the most easily managed and efficient manner. As mentioned before, app porting is in fact, the most time and cost-effective way to start app development with an ios platform and then adopt the same features to the Android platform or vice versa. We will basically be porting an ios app to Android or vice versa.We also realize the common misstep taken by app owners of simply copying the UI from the initial platform to the new platform during app porting. As a result of such improper mobile application porting approach, the app could exhibit a strange ‘copy’ feel from it. This, sometimes, causes an unwelcome chain reaction, thus lowering the rating of the app on the app store, ultimately leading to irritated app users and that is not what you want. You do not want the future OS updates to suffer which is why you want to hire our mobile application porting services.

Advantages of Porting Your App

Let us start by saying that app porting, in our opinion, is a far more efficient and radical approach, whether to change the software programming to allow the app to run with a different OS or to simply change the hardware to operate with a different OS. Its advantages complement its reputation in the world of app porting services:-

(i) Highly time and cost-effective. App porting allows the app to reach the floor in a short span of time.

(ii) Less money and resources spent during mobile application porting automatically increase revenue from it.

(iii) Revenue generation also increases due to the availability of the app over multiple platforms by serving it to a larger user base than before.

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Key Platforms


Multiple Device Porting

It means porting of an application within multiple devices but on the same platform.


Cross-Platform Porting

This type means mobile application porting of an application from one mobile platform to another.


Intra Platform Porting

This type of app porting refers to up-gradation of the Operating System and addition and integration of a new feature or function.

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths. We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from

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(c) project management,

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