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We live in a world of high-technology products and virtually all of them require human interaction. This brings us to the most user-friendly product for delivering and receiving content and services in the market today- Mobile Applications. For a mobile application to be successful, it has to exhibit strong usability and audience engagement properties, which all fall under the umbrella of Mobile App Design. Whether it’s an Android App Design or an IOS App Design, the interface mechanisms for each mobile application have to be well crafted. A Mobile Application Design process comprises of a multitude of layers, from anticipating user needs to ensuring a quality experience to maintaining simple and clear communication among many others. An elegant Mobile App Design allows its users to glide through the application effortlessly. Effective and satisfactory Mobile App Design development also involves consideration of the users’ emotional and transactional response and that is exactly what we, at SM Global, one of the Leading Mobile App Designing Agency in Mumbai and India, specialize in. Our user-friendly Android App Design and IOS App Designs also include detailed qualitative feedback to stimulate an emotional response. In conclusion; Mobile Application Design holds high significance in determining the overall success of an app.

As a sought-after Mobile App Designing Agency, we extend services like sketching, computer prototype, psd creation etc., and our team at SM Global is strengthened by the presence of talented and experienced designers. It’s as we say, “Behind every great Mobile Application Design, there’s a choice. And we choose to be the best.”

Here's how we can help you design your new idea!

At SM Global Solutions, a foremost Mobile App Designing Agency, we take our job as your app designers very seriously. We say with experience, that a Mobile Application Design and its development plays a significant role in making the app accessible and appreciated by its target audience. It is here that we metamorphism your app from an idea to a resilient reality.Our designers have been hewing the IOS App Design and Android App Designs for years. They have been on top of every iteration and improvement in the Apple and Google design conventions through the past years. Through our own Mobile App Design and brainstorming sessions, we have created an intricate network of novel ideas and formulas to better benefit our clients. Our design team is capable of individualizing these differences existing at the fundamental levels. We have:-

  • Experience across various Mobile Application Design categories.
  • Rigorous Mobile App Design experience across the IOS and Android timeline.
  • Designers with several years of working experience in both UI and material design.
  • A systematic work and reporting process.


Android App Design

Our Mobile App Designing Agency has a great deal of knowledge of what the Android user community expects from an Android App Design. Not only do androids provide a variety of user interface and navigation components, they also provide design components for special interfaces such as dialog, app bar, pop-up messages, settings, drag and drop, notifications and menus. We, at SM Global, extend our high-quality Android App Design services while following a design and quality guidelines such as layout, style, and usability for your app’s performance, compatibility, and security.

IOS App Design

As IOS App Designers, we make sure to stay abreast of Apple’s entire revamped Mobile App Design languages for modern users. With a simple layout and beautiful typography, IOS app designs focus on clarity, deference, and depth. We follow Apple’s design principles of aesthetic integrity, consistency, direct manipulation, feedback, metaphors and user control. When it comes to designing an IOS App for you, from the initial idea to write an IOS App Design specification, we do it all.

Hybrid App Design

Hybrid Applications are web applications designed to work on multiple platforms. These are created by writing a standard web-based code language like HTML5 and then compiled on another platform (mobile, tablet, laptop) friendly language using a packaging service. SM Global is one of the few mobile apps designing agencies in the country that are able to deliver this faster, simpler and more rapid Mobile Application Design which is also easier to maintain.

Why Choose SM Global for Mobile App Design


  • Knowledge Of Latest Best-Practices – Our experience and regular work in Mobile App Design have helped us to stay on top of all the latest practices in this field.
  • The Highly Creative Design Team – SM Global’s Creative Mobile App Designing Team will leave no stone upturned to deliver the best product and services possible.
  • Platform-Specific Design – Our Android and IOS App Designs are highly platform specific and differentiated for respected platforms.
  • Technical Feasibility Checks – At our Mobile App Designing Agency, we conduct regular, product-related checks to evaluate and maintain the operational feasibility of your app.
  • Digital Skeuomorphism – We use this user-friendly concept to help mobile app users experience a natural interpretation of objects in a digital world.
  • Rigorous User – experience testing- Every product requires a usability review and we acknowledge that by running a rigorous diagnosis to verify if the app is findable, accessible, useful and desirable.

It’s a 6-step procedure to design the best possible!

Meeting and Discussion

Meeting & Discussion
The process begins with a meeting between you and our Mobile App Designing Agency where we discuss and ideate on the core aspects of your App/Website.


Based on our discussion, we create a high-quality User Experience Mobile App Design (UX) sketched on paper. This process generally takes up to a week.

Computer Prototype

Computer Prototype
A formal computer prototype for your Mobile App Design is generated based on the approved sketches. This process takes 3-4 days.

Final PSD Design

Final PSD Creation
According to the approved computer prototype for your Mobile App Design, the final app UX with colors, icons, typography, etc. is created by our team.


Final Interactivity
A complete app prototype is created based on the PSD designs. It’s a one-day procedure. You can experience the app like its real.

Continuous Optimization

Continuous OptimizationRequired changes in the Mobile App Design are implemented at each stage to meet the end user experience.

Our Work

We believe in growing with our clients

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SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths. We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from

(a) start-up mentality,

(b) clearly defined objectives,

(c) project management,

(d) data and analytics, 

(e) creative traction channel exploitation.

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