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iPhone App Development Services

The iPhone and iPad have taken a strong hold of the mobile computing market. User affinity is increasing and the number of apps in the Apple app store is growing at an extraordinary rate which explains why anyone would like to hire quality iOS app development services. Apple devotees are dominating the online world and since iPhone application users represent one of the largest segments of portable device owners, the need to stand out and shine, is understandable and necessary. Iphone application development is a meticulous and a demanding task and to stand out, you need to associate yourself with an accomplished and experienced iOs app development company in India such as ourselves.

An iphone application provides the opportunity to invite and grab the attention of an enormous audience i.e. Apple users to your business via the means of an iOS mobile application. But in today’s times, the App Market is extremely crowded which means user attention as a commodity is getting costlier than ever. For real cost-effective growth, an iPhone app development process needs to include the addition of a viral and out of the world element to the app for it to be able to hook audiences and ensure ROI. Hence, it is imperative that a good amount of time is spent in an iPhone application development process while also planning nifty features and building the best UX possible for the app.

At SM Global, we understand this extremely well and thus, stand as a top iOS App Development Company in India. Our team is created from the ground up and comprises of young minds with creative potential. Everyone on the team is less than 25 years old which has been done on purpose to keep up with the rapidly changing iPhone App Development Market and to keep the creative juices flowing smoothly.

Why Us?

Anybody can build an App today. There are literally millions of developers out there trying to make their way through this cut-throat market but unfortunately not every app gets successful. Obviously, we cannot pinpoint specific reasons for an application’s failure but in our opinion, there are 2 main reasons why an application is not enjoying the same status as other successful apps:

  1. Lack of creativity and planning
  2. Oversight of quality.

A close look at the team handling our iPhone App Development Services and you’ll see how we are extremely different from other iOS App Development companies in India. Our iOS app development services do not allow us to compromise on our planning and our app quality.

We engage with enterprises and startups alike. In terms of our specialty, we are best at engaging with startups from the idea stage! Our iPhone App Development Services encompass a flexible working model which suits startups very well since they require constant iterations to meet rapidly changing customer demands. We develop IOS Apps for iPhones and iPads with the help of talented and experienced iPhone app developers.

Only a team that keeps up with the changing design principles and quality standards survives in the long run and SM Global has already proven its mettle by embracing creative design and high quality as a rule of thumb.

Iphone app development procedure

  • App Planning
    We first clearly understand the vision that you have for your application, define a proper goal and then prepare a layout that best suits your requirements.
  • Backend development of an app
    Defining the backend structure of your application and the management of user accounts and their authentication is our main objective during this part of the development process. Other elements taken care of at this level are server side functions, data integration, adding push notification features and most importantly, customization of user experience.
  • Front-end development of an app
    This is the stage of our Iphone app development process when we carry out the caching of the data and the synchronizing the database for digital interaction. Mockups and wireframes are created for changes and improvements and UI designs are formulated and developed for further refinement. All of these are then tested for bugs or malfunctions and ultimately deployed and added to the application.
  • Testing and Maintenance
    Our most significant service is when we don’t leave you high and dry after the app is created. We test the app repeatedly to check for functionality and usability before putting it out there for your future fan base to see and adore. Even after the app is made public, our ongoing maintenance services make sure that your app remains at its best at all times.

Our Work

Key Benefits


Seamless Integration


24/7 Customer Support


Fast Speed


Amazing User Experience


Offline Usability


Cost & Time Effective


FREE Play Store/ App Store Submission


Bug Free


Recyclability of code

We believe in growing with our clients

We should connect!

SM Global will create, and help you implement a growth plan based on your existing baseline, your targets, your pain points and your differentiating strengths. We see growth as a service based on a set of best practices coming from

(a) start-up mentality,

(b) clearly defined objectives,

(c) project management,

(d) data and analytics, 

(e) creative traction channel exploitation.

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