Rising to the top always has a price, quite literally. Or… umm maybe not?

While Coco Chanel quotes “Best things in life are free. The second best are expensive.” we completely agree with our hands, feet and hair up!

Because, while definitely you can pay a good hefty some and score to Google’s top recommendations aka get on first page of Google, there’s more fun when you ride to the top most of the list without spending any money. Hallelujah, it’s possible and code word is SEO.


SEO is basically a way of internet marketing strategy without paying. (Apart from the agency you’re getting SEO from, of course. Experts everywhere.)

There are a lot of agencies and companies that work for getting good Google site ranking. They too have keywords used in their strategy. However, they charge and at times per word. A cooler option here is to use SEOs where you use keywords to top Google search ranking and for no pay at all. All you need is keywords, along with some brains and smartness and the result is you get your website to appear first on Google.


Here’s a curated SM Global’s guide on How to improve google ranking:


A little brains and a lot gains is all this is about. Certain words that are more commonly surfed on the internet become an easy hack to reach the audience. For, by using them you direct the internet traffic of these words towards your internet entity. Thus keyword is the key to bring you to visibility. While using popular words  recommended, sometime, the lesser used ones are also a way since they have unused market.



Domain name is the first thing that a website has and the first thing that when searched, pops out in the results. So if possible try to keep a name with common keyword.  And if not possible, no worries, you can also follow it in the categories. Use as much as keywords (not over done) in the text and headlines for maximum reach and Google search ranking. Mantra for the words: POPULAR IS THE DEFAULT, LESSER IS UNDERESTIMATED.



Ever noticed? When you search for images on google, they often lead to their websites and source web pages? So, what If you use the keywords there and direct the traffic of the image to your site? Rang a bell! After all, somebody said ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. We could not agree more.


So now that we have given you the hacks, you know how to top the ladder. Oh! By the way, we at SM Global, are kind of pro at SEO Services. Just saying. *Wink*

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