In today’s time finding an app developer isn’t difficult anymore, of any possible kind, skill set and price range. But finding the right one who can add value to your business can prove to be a little tricky. In 2017, almost all brands and businesses have their own apps. If you see, probably even your local coffee shop has an app to deliver a cappuccino at your doorstep. And here, we have decided to solve the maze for you and give you some general and useful tips for hiring an app developer. So, before you make haste to hire someone, we give you quick three thumb rules you should keep in mind for the rest of the journey:


app developmentFreelancer VS Agency:

Do not hire an independent developer, unless you already have access to a team who will perform the rest of the functions such as usability testing, design etc. Since, app developing is not all about coding but all about the whole packaging!




app development• Check experience:

Just the way you will never hire a doctor fresh out of university to conduct a surgery on your heart. It goes in the same way for your business- hire a developer who has some experience. You don’t have to hire an expert but someone who can show you some his past works.



app developmentCommunication and relationship:

Seek for a developer who will show genuine interest in your company and your common work, and not just in developing it. They will be able to give you a clear idea as to what will work for your app and won’t. You will have to build a healthy relationship with your developer, and this has to stay the same way till the end of your contract. Now, coming down to the serious part of hiring a developer. These are the steps you need to follow:
So it’s important to remember that once you are in your process of hiring your developer, there could arise plenty of circumstances where there might be mishaps which might bend your app idea. But you cannot let those circumstances have second thoughts in your mind. This is why hiring someone responsible and dedicated is very important.


app development Don’t let price drive you:

Firstly making your budget plan is necessary and you should try not exceeding the same. Do not select your development partner based on price quote. It isn’t that the cheapest cost option will help you maintain a check on your budget. Rather, it might turn out to be expensive in the long run, that is, you might need to hire a new developer to fix you app. You need a great product, not the cheapest product.



 app development Your app will count for half of your success:

Hence, accessing their portfolio and digging into their clients/projects, is vital. Or you can directly ask for the list of their past list of their clients and the projects they’ve done. Also, make sure that you check if the previous projects that they’ve done, as to how user-engaging and decent-looking they are. They should meet your basic requirements.



app developmentNo Communication gap:

Make sure that doesn’t happen between you and your developer. If you and your developer are living in different time-zones, then make sure that both of you are accessible to each other on phone or Skype etc. Also in what ways will you be able to supervise the work is also very important. Make sure that you consider this before hiring your developer, as this matters a lot in bringing success to your idea.




app development • Make design the top priority:

Since how an app or a website looks is as important as how it works. Therefore make sure that you carefully study your developer’s creative interest. That is, if they are taking extra interest in your work and are suggesting way in which you can make your idea a big success. You can also take up a trial with them, and see if they meet your expectations. And finally, since app developing is a tedious and a long work, hope that they are interesting to work with!




app developmentTherefore, focus on the right aspects of your business and you will surely have a better shot at getting the right developer. This is a very important decision, since the visualization of your vision is completely in the hands of your developer! So, choose wisely!

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